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Things are looking a little different around here aren't they?!  You may be  wondering, "do you still offer family photo sessions?"  The answer is yes!  I love freezing time for families!  Photography has given me the ability to capture amazing moments for my family, and I would love to be able to share that with your family as well!  If you'd like to book with me simply click HERE!

As you can tell I've got some other things brewing over here too.  I've added a blog to my name!  I'm a creative and I need creative outlets in my life.  This blog is basically an extension of who I am.  I love art projects, home decorating, encouraging words, sharing struggles, and travel to name a few things!  I'm just going to make myself comfortable over here and I hope you do too! 

For those of you who prefer fewer words and pretty pictures (I often do...bc 4 kids talking to me all day makes me a little cray), come hang out with me on Instagram

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