a tree house, castle, and barn | a family session | laurie schultz photography, bluffton sc

From the moment I stepped foot inside their home, I felt like family.  Actually, I think it would be accurate to say anyone who steps foot inside their home is treated like family.  

Mr + Mrs F are constantly opening their home to friends and family.  They have such generous and loving hearts and it is beautiful to see their children following in their footsteps.  The children greeted me with a smile and quickly invited me to check out their "castle" and "tree house."  Oh my, would you know that this castle and tree house were actually their beds?!  This is every childs dream, not to mention completely handcrafted with love by their daddy.  In fact, the creativity did not stop in their bedrooms...the playroom was made into a theater complete with a stage! This home is an environment made for little ones to explore, be free, create, and have fun!  It's no surprise that the beauty these children possess on the outside perfectly reflects their inner beauty.  They are kind, friendly, caring, and clearly have a special bond with each other.  Their love and fun personalities had me singing along with them, until the music was turned off abruptly and I was caught singing by myself.  Ahem.  That was a good laugh.  

We ended our evening together at a nearby barn.  I loved that this family had this barn in mind and were up for an adventure.  There is nothing that makes me more happy than photographing a beautiful family at a beautiful location...even if it led to me stepping in an anthill.  Ouch.  Nonetheless, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.