the first day of the first grade | laurie schultz photography savannah, ga

My what a difference a year makes.  Last year I was so nervous for my sons first day of school.  Would he make friends quickly?  What if he can't get his belt undone in time to use the potty?  Did I pack enough food? I hope he doesn't get too tired.  Those were just a few of the thoughts that raced through my brain.  This year was different.  There were no more unknowns of how he would do racing through my head.  There were just questions of whether or not my son would live to see his first day of first grade (can any other moms relate?).  

So, I think as we were walking/skipping to school this morning with a smile on our faces, I felt a sense of relief.  Relieved that we had somehow escaped the summer unscathed, void from hospital visits, and in the process actually had FUN.  

As we entered the school and my son became increasingly embarrassed by my incessant picture taking, his strides continually got longer and faster.  But, when we turned the corner to enter his classroom something magical happened.  Actually I call it a "God moment," (a moment that could have only been orchestrated by God himself).   Isaac's dream came true today. His crush was IN HIS CLASS!  But wait for it...her seat was directly across from his, AND she said hi to him!  Boom.  Day made.  I am certain that the first day of the first grade would go down in history as the BEST DAY EVER!