sometimes miracles come in pairs | laurie schultz photography, savannah ga

The tears caught me by surprise as I was editing this family session.  You see as I gazed into these beautiful twin boys eyes, I couldn't help but be reminded of what a beautiful and miraculous gift they are.  

A few months ago I featured a family on my blog who adopted locally through foster care.  Now, I am so excited to feature another adoptive family who was brought together through embryo adoption.  Embryo adoption is a fairly new form of adoption that allows the adoptive family to begin the adoption journey nine months earlier with pregnancy and childbirth.  There are currently an estimated 600,000 embryos available for adoption.  I love adoption stories, but everytime I hear a story it astounds me how many children are waiting to be adopted.  So today, we celebrate this beautiful family that God has brought together through adoption.   

My heart felt so full as I was photographing this family.  The twins had just celebrated their 6 month birthday, and boy oh boy their gummy smiles had me grinning and giggling along with them.    Mom and Dad are totally my kind of people, up for an adventure even in the rain (thanks majestic oak trees for serving as our umbrellas).  Love and Joy radiates from each person in this family, and it was an honor to capture these special moments.