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Photography has opened my eyes to seeing the beauty of ordinary moments in my life.  And I want to share what I've learned with you!  I will be periodically popping onto my blog to answer questions that I am frequently asked.  So if you have questions, leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it!  

This first series is about how to photograph ordinary moments in an artful way.  Mamas, we all have moments in our days where we think...I don't want to forget this.  Whenever you have that thought in your head, go get your camera!  Snap a pic of whatever that moment is...but once you snap a pic you may think this picture looks ordinary.  So how do you make an ordinary moment look extraordinary?  

-Switch up your perspective.  Below you can see my sleeping babe, but I moved around in the room and snapped pics from differing angles.  These differing angles help make this ordinary moment look extraordinary and adds interest to each photo.  

-In the first photo I shot through the crack in the door (what do you see when you peak into the room of your sleeping babe?) 

- embrace the shadows, not every picture needs to be light and bright.  When telling a story you often want to remember the moment exactly as your eyes see it, shadows and all.  

- circle around your subject, shoot from above, below, at the same level.  Then look at your photos to see which one is most interesting to you?  You may be surprised! 

- notice details:  I always say to myself I want to remember how he crosses his legs while sleeping.  So, in the third photo you see a photo of this detail.  Ever since he was a newborn babe he has slept with his legs crossed like this...isn't it sweet?  I often wonder when or if he will ever grow out of it.  But if he does grow out of it, at least I have this memory documented.  

- and finally, forget all the rules...HAVE FUN!  Photography is a life long journey of learning, don't get frustrated if your images are not exactly what you had imagined.  At least you have some moments captured that you wouldn't have had otherwise if you hadn't picked up the camera.  And that is exactly it...PICK UP THE CAMERA!  You won't regret it!  

stay tuned for more HOW TO? posts!  and to view more extraordinary|ordinary  moments captured by me click HERE and/or HERE