Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Have you heard the saying that kids spell love T.I.M.E.? This year has been a bit crazy for our family and I felt like we were lacking quality one on one time with our children. So instead of spending a lot of money on toys that they love for only a week. We decided to gift them with time for their birthdays.

It just so happened to be our oldest two sons “golden” birthday (when you turn the same age as the date of your birthday). So we made “golden tickets,” that read…

this golden ticket is good for one outing of your choosing with me!

Here is what our kids chose to do:

7 year old boy

with Dad- went to play tennis for the first time, then the local crab shack and to the beach to play soccer (we live near the beach)

with Mom- went to a baseball game --we actually just chose a local high school baseball game to go to…he was the most excited about the refreshment stand!


9 year old boy

with Dad- his first time go carting! He was finally tall enough to drive on his own!

with Mom- he had so much fun go carting with dad, he wanted to go again. So that’s what we did too…I dominated of course!


This one on one time was so special. I loved getting to give them my focused attention for a few hours and to do something that they wanted to do. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by throwing the traditional birthday party or giving the traditional gifts, try something different this year! We may not do this every year, but it was certainly needed and valued for this time in our lives.