Farmhouse Basket Wall Decor

Farmhouse Basket Wall



Am I officially basket lady if I have two basket walls in my home?   Recently I've noticed a new trend to hang those seemingly useless rattan baskets of olden days on the wall.  You know the baskets I'm talking about...the ones that are always at the thrift store and everyone walks by without a second glance?  

To my surprise I found that they actually look pretty!  So...I made it my mission to hit up the thrift stores in my area and to gather those unwanted/unloved baskets to give them new life.  At 99 cents a piece I could afford to try it out...and if I didn't love them, I could just donate them right back.  Turns out, I kind of dig them.  

The key is finding baskets that are fairly shallow so they won't stick out to far from the wall.  Also, if they are a similar shade/color than they look more cohesive hanging in a group.  Lastly, hang the baskets in an interesting surrounding a piece of art, or clustered together, and always in groupings of odd numbers.  When you hang 3, 5, or 7 baskets it is easier to arrange in an interesting way, than if you have 2, 4, or 6.  

Here is some more thrift store basket inspiration:  

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