sunset | Hilton Head Island, SC | laurie schultz photography

One of my favorite things about living in Savannah, Ga and being from the midwest is that a lot of our friends vacation on Hilton Head Island in the summertime.  These people are like our second family.  My husband went to high school with these guys and they ended up all marrying the sisters of this family whom we love!  So really the honor was all mine to get to photograph these amazing people.  

It was another beautiful summer evening on Hilton Head, this night however was much breezier than the night prior.  Everyone was such a good sport and I think we really used the breeze to our advantage.  If you ever vacation on Hilton Head, I suggest coming in June like this family did.  June provides the perfect weather when it is less humid, hot enough for the beach during the day, and the perfect refreshing temperature for an evening stroll on the beach or night out on the town.  Ready for a visit?