Jones Street Savannah Georgia

Souvenirs| Savannah, Ga Travel Session| laurie schultz photography

When you go on vacation, what is your favorite souvenir to bring back?  For me, I always look for a magnet that reminds me of something from our trip.  So everytime I open the fridge at home, I'm reminded of all these fun vacations we've taken and memories made.  

I probably will always look for a magnet on vacation, but when this family contacted me to document their vacation in Savannah, I was thrilled!  How brilliant is it to hire a photographer while on vacation?  I mean duh!  Why have I never thought of this?  The point of souvenirs are to trigger memories, so what better souvenir than actual photographs of experiences?!  I don't know about you, but when I look back at photographs from vacations it absolutely takes me back to those moments.  So, if you are vacationing in Savannah or in the surrounding me!  My absolute favorite thing to document are special moments for families.  

This adorable family and I clicked right away.  Mom actually found me on Instagram, connected with my work and booked me soon after!  This made me all sorts of giddy, I love when clients really "get" me.  As we strolled through forsyth park, chatted it up, and got lost in the gorgeous morning light I began to wish that this awesome family lived in Savannah!  This was their first trip to Savannah, but I have a feeling that they will be back again soon (at least I hope so).  Take a peek at what vacationing in Savannah looks like...