Savannah Botanical Garden | Savannah, GA | laurie schultz photography

I have only been in business a little over a year now.  One of the very first families I had the privilege of photographing was when these sweet boys turned 6 months old!  (Click HERE to view that adorable session!)  The very reason I turned my photography hobby into a business was because I cherish the photos I have of my kids at every age, and I wanted to give this gift to other families as well.  So now, when I see my clients coming back for more it makes me so happy!  They get it, they understand how fleeting these moments are and I feel so honored to capture more sweet moments with them!  

This session was not only special because I love this family, but also because they are expecting again!  And wait for's TWINS!!!  What a sweet time in this family's life!  We explored the beautiful grounds together at the Savannah Botanical Garden., if you haven't visited here it really is a hidden gem in Savannah.  This morning could not have been any more beautiful...I love when you start to feel the crisp cool air again!  These adventurous boys loved exploring with me and had me quickly out of breath, but it was worth every second!  

Forsyth Park Family Session | Savannah, Ga | laurie schultz photography

Growing up in Savannah I imagine must feel like a fairytale for a little girl.  Especially, when you've hit the jackpot with amazing parents.  This sweet family contacted me to take some photos right before welcoming baby #2 into the world.  I loved walking around this gorgeous park, that they frequent so often,  and capturing moments for them that I know their kids will treasure for years to come.  

As a side note:  these photos were taken just a few weeks after Hurricane Matthew came barreling through Savannah, Ga.  This was my first trip back to this iconic park since the storm, and I was so surprised and saddened to see it still in disarray.  Many sections of this park are still roped off because of downed trees.  I was so glad though that we were able to make our way around the park still and find nooks and crannies that are still magical every time you come back.  

6 months old! | Savannah, Ga | laurie schultz photography

This sweet baby is now 6 months old!  Do you remember when I did his newborn session?  My goodness, it is such a joy for me to be able to come back and photograph such sweet milestones in this little ones life.  My absolute favorite place to photograph is inside homes.  Why?  Well, so much of your life takes place inside your home...this is where I find children and parents most relaxed and at ease.  You just cannot create the same connections in any other setting.  

If you have been on the fence about having an in home family session, let me put you at ease.  Your home does not have to be decorated perfectly, or incredibly spacious, or even clean to capture beautiful and meaningful moments there.  Have you been following my  100 days of summer project?  Then you have seen my daily chaos/messy house, and I doubt that you've judged me for it (or maybe you have... haha, in which case please come help me!)  

Anyways, I will get off my soap box now.  Go grab a cup of coffee, and find a quiet corner or closet in your home to enjoy this beautiful in home family session.  You will quickly see why I love photographing in home.  

an epic 10 year anniversary gift | savannah family photographer | laurie schultz photography

an epic 10 year anniversary gift | savannah family photographer | laurie schultz photography

This was my second 10 year anniversary session in a month.  Each one keeps getting more and more creative...

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