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Together again | Tybee Island, Ga | laurie schultz photography

The sounds of a deserted beach at sunrise are some of the most relaxing and soothing sounds (the roar of the waves, seagulls muffled squawking).  This gorgeous family agreed to meet me at sunrise when the threat of rain kept increasing for later in the day.  As I waited for them at the end of the beach pathway, I started to hear muffled voices walking toward me, those muffled voices turned into joyful and excited chatter.  It had not even been 48 hours since this family had been reunited (part of this family lives in Africa!), and you could hear and feel the joy and excitement they had of just being together again.  What a joy for me to be able to capture this special time in their family's life.  This also was the littlest member of the family's first time at the beach!  His first time putting his toes in the sand and in the warm ocean water.  What a fun morning it was experiencing all of this with them, I quickly fell in love with them.  

Tybee Island Vacation | Tybee, Island Ga | laurie schultz photography

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Our first home | Savannah, Ga| laurie schultz photography

Do you remember your first home?  Or maybe you are lucky enough to still be in your first home and have these moments captured too!  I love that this family really wanted their family session inside and around their very first home.  They have been making plans for the future but wanted to remember years from now where they started.  So much love goes into your first home that these sessions always make me feel so sentimental and I feel such a great responsibility to capture moments that will help transport you back to this very time and place years from now.  These sessions hold so much meaning to both my clients and to myself as a photographer, it is almost like we are creating a very special time capsule for your family.  

In home sessions are among my very favorite sessions.  Children are always so at ease inside their home, and love showing off all of their cool toys.  This little man was no exception, he welcomed me into his space and we had the most fun doing what he loves to do:  play baseball, cars, football, read, take a family walk.  Oh how precious age 2 is, so full of wonder and joy!  I hope this sweet boy will one day look back on these photos and see just how loved and treasured he is by his parents!  I also loved watching mom and dad interact with one another and just relax and enjoy a typical Saturday morning as a family.  

If you are interested in what an in home session would look like for you, I would love to chat with you!  You can contact me HERE.

Savannah Botanical Garden | Savannah, GA | laurie schultz photography

I have only been in business a little over a year now.  One of the very first families I had the privilege of photographing was when these sweet boys turned 6 months old!  (Click HERE to view that adorable session!)  The very reason I turned my photography hobby into a business was because I cherish the photos I have of my kids at every age, and I wanted to give this gift to other families as well.  So now, when I see my clients coming back for more it makes me so happy!  They get it, they understand how fleeting these moments are and I feel so honored to capture more sweet moments with them!  

This session was not only special because I love this family, but also because they are expecting again!  And wait for's TWINS!!!  What a sweet time in this family's life!  We explored the beautiful grounds together at the Savannah Botanical Garden., if you haven't visited here it really is a hidden gem in Savannah.  This morning could not have been any more beautiful...I love when you start to feel the crisp cool air again!  These adventurous boys loved exploring with me and had me quickly out of breath, but it was worth every second!  

Tybee Island Family Session | laurie schultz photography | tybee island ga

I am a fan of the beach in every season and in all weather conditions (minus hurricanes, ha).  This cloudy beach day turned out to be just perfect for this family session.  The sky acted as this huge lightbox casting such gorgeous light onto this sweet family.  But just the perfect amount of sunlight peeked it's head out several times.  SWOON! 

Isn't it amazing how different the beach can be everytime you go?  I have been to this part of Tybee Island many times, but I have never seen it covered with straw like it was on this day.  I considered moving to another part of the beach because of it, but i'm so glad I didn't, I love the way it looks!  Sometimes in photography you take risks, and this risk paid off!  

Photographing friends of mine is always a treat.  I feel like i'm kinda cheating as a photographer because I know their personalities a bit and can then use it to my advantage!  haha!  That is why when you book a session with me I send you a lengthy questionnaire.  It is so necessary for your photographer to get to know you before a session and to be able to know how to best interact with you and bring out your unique personalities!  I love watching timid/shy kids loosen up during a session, and let their little lights shine!  These kids however, are not shy.  They were so much fun to run around with and get all sandy with.  Speaking of sandy, make sure to scroll to the bottom to see a classic kid vs parent moment.  

Ready to book a beach session?  You know I love the beach, especially in summer!  Contact me today to get on the calendar.  BOOKING NOW