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Wait, is that how it really works?  Probably not.  But I can tell you that these (identical) triplets are three times the FUN!  Aren't triplets fascinating?  Here are some fun facts (that I googled):

-Identical triplets occur about 20-30 times per 1 MILLION births.  

-one fertilized egg splits into 3 genetically IDENTICAL eggs!

-Identical triplets exhibit almost identical brainwave patterns.

-The country with more identical triplets than anyone else is...Nigeria. 

-Identical triplets are ALWAYS of the same sex and blood type.  

There you go, because I know all of you were wondering!

 Now, onto this beautiful family's sunrise beach session!  Oh man was I giddy to wake up before dawn and meet this family at the beach!  The boys were so excited to see their very FIRST sunrise!  How special it is to have this first documented!  The sky was all sorts of beautiful colors, the dolphins were swimming in the ocean, birds were flying by, donuts were hot and ready, and it was a full moon!  All the elements were in place for a memorable morning...