before you were born | laurie schultz photography savannah, ga

Over the years I've found myself looking back at my childhood photo albums and what always strikes me are the pictures of what my family looked like before I was born, and then the photos of when I entered the family.  It is a beautiful thing to watch a family grow and to look back and see how each member of the family was formed uniquely and purposefully.   

This is why maternity photoshoots make me so excited, I am documenting history for you.  These are moments that are gone in a blink of an eye, and it is my honor to preserve the beauty and wonder that adding a child to a family is.  

I had a great time adventuring with the W family.  It was the first time little man and I had ever stepped foot in a cotton field.  Apparently, cotton fields are known as the "snow of the south."  I think I can get use to this kind of snow:  soft, dry, warm and fluffy to touch.  

As we continued on, our adventures led us to a stable.  The horses here were so beautiful and we were lucky to get to meet some of them.  Little man and his mama lit up around the horses and could not take their eyes off of them.  (Hey Santa, I think I know what might be on their Christmas list this year! haha!) 

What a beautiful evening it was celebrating this new life growing inside.  Sweet baby boy, you are blessed with beautiful loving parents, AND a super fun big brother...who are all eagerly awaiting your arrival.  

Blessings to this beautiful growing family.