an epic 10 year anniversary gift | savannah family photographer | laurie schultz photography

This was my second 10 year anniversary celebration in a month!  Every session keeps getting more and more creative, husbands take note!  


Mr. Hugon planned this surprise vow renewal and it went off seamlessly.  He told his lovely wife that they were going out for an evening walk around Savannah, then would attend a benefit.  He bought her a new dress to wear (so that it would match the flowers he picked out), and off they went.  


As they strolled around Savannah, they casually walked into a surprise vow renewal ceremony.  Both sets of parents and siblings (who live out of town) were casually waiting in their seats.  Mrs. Hugon was looking at her husband with disbelief in her eyes at what was unfolding before her.  He then started to explain how he has loved being married to her for 10 years, and though those 10 years had its share of ups and downs, he wouldn't trade one moment.  He said, "I know I used to surprise you all the time and haven't in awhile, so I wanted to do something special and unexpected for you.  Mrs. Hugon will you stay married to me?"  Of course, she said "YES!"  And before family with their pastor by their side, they said the sweetest renewal vows to eachother (that Mr. Hugon penned himself).  


Mrs Hugon was in a state of shock the rest of the evening, her husband outdid himself and even planned a second honeymoon without her knowing where they were going. (They went to the Dominican...don't worry the secret is out and they are back now).  


Have fun peeking into this sweet ceremony and maybe pin it to your pinterest board for your husband. (Wink wink)